Hoya Insider: The new Georgetown blog with a penchant for over-zealous flyering

Hoya Insider fliers

Anyone walking through campus yesterday probably noticed the ubiquitous flyers for something called the “Hoya Insider.” They were pretty sparse, with just a url (www.hoyainsider.com), a tagline (“An inside look into Georgetown University”), an entreaty that you “check it out” and a color picture of Healy Hall or Jack.

So what’s the deal? Who splurges on color printing and plasters campus with flyers in places they know they’ll be taken down (as of this morning, it looked like most of them had been removed from non-flyering-approved areas)?

The man behind the flyers is Chris Trahos (MSB ’10), who started a blog about Georgetown a week and a half ago. So far Hoya Insider has a grand total of four posts—an introduction, something about the new MSB hires, a list of notable alumni cribbed from Wikipedia and an explanation of the history of Jack the Bulldog taken directly from the Georgetown Traditions website.

Not exactly a strong start, but here’s what Trahos had to say in an email about his goals for the blog:

What inspired me to start writing Hoya Insider is that I wanted to give students, professors, alumni, and fans of Georgetown an inside look into what is going on in and around the campus. Not only do I intend to provide insight into the major events on campus, but also the subtle nuances of campus life.

I really hope Hoya Insider will serve as the eyes and ears for alumni and fans of Georgetown interested in keeping up-to-date with the university. I plan to cover a range of topics including student activities/achievements, professor research, sports events, school programs, speaker events, etc.

9 Comments on “Hoya Insider: The new Georgetown blog with a penchant for over-zealous flyering

  1. Isn’t that was SaxaSpeak was for? And… VoxPop?

  2. Ditto Thomas. Mr. Trahos should just start writing for Vox.

  3. Has the Hoya Insider fallen by the wayside already?

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