Dajuan Summers goes to the Pistons as the 35th overall pick

Last night at the NBA Draft at WaMu Theater in New York City, DaJuan Summers was selected with the 35th overall pick by the Detroit Pistons.

The Baltimore Sun quotes Summers as saying, “”I’m very excited. That’s where I wanted to go. Didn’t think I’d go in the second round, thought it was the first. I told [Detroit president of basketball operations] Joe Dumars I wanted to be a Piston.”

In many mocks drafts, Summers was projected to be a first round pick. By falling to the second round, Summers is no longer guaranteed a professional contract. He will have to impress the Pistons enough to get them to sign him. Casual Hoya quotes ESPN’s Chad Ford as saying the Pistons considered Summers for the 15th pick and were more than happy when he fell to 35.

Even though Summers will probably donning the Detroit red and blue next season, one can’t help to question his decision. As Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times put it, “Any time an underclassmen falls out of the first round, there have to be questions about the decision to bolt school.”

Summers played three years for the Hoyas and averaged 13.6 points per game and 4.1 rebounds per game in his final year.

Summers’ selection marks the third straight year a Hoya was selected in the draft. Last year, both Roy Hibbert (Indiana Pacers) and Patrick Ewing, Jr. (Sacramento Kings) were selected and in 2007, Jeff Green was picked by the Oklahoma City Thunder (then the Seattle Supersonics).

7 Comments on “Dajuan Summers goes to the Pistons as the 35th overall pick

  1. Jeff was actually picked by the Boston Celtics (search for pics of him in C’s green hat) and immediately traded to the Sonics/Thunder in the deal that netted Ray Allen for the Celtics. Worked out pretty well for both squads.

  2. DaJuan will probably not succeed in the NBA. It’s not a question of ability, but of heart. In his tenure at Georgetown he displayed a complete lack of aggression on either and of the floor, despite flashes of scoring and athletic brilliance at times.

    Maybe it had something to do with JTIII’s offense, which is limiting for any player who thrives on creativity and personal success. Anyway, I hope someone in the Pistons organization mentors him to his potential because it’s a shame to see such raw basketball talent go wasted.

  3. Yet another example of poor fact-checking by this blog.

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