Twuesday Tweetacular: Internationally offensive

overhead on prospect st - "she was all over me like the basji on protesters." proud (?) to be in gtown...Nathan Srinivas found out what Georgetown’s being a “global university” really means.

I hate fox news and the fact that it's always playing at yatesKelsey Ryan was not impressed by the programming at Yates.

GUTS bus was just died in front of my apt. Tires everywhere.Carlos Leon-Ojeda witnessed the tragic demise of a GUTS bus.

Can't quite see how fits/will fit into the Georgetown blogosphere.Matt Appenfeller was just as confused as we were about the new Georgetown blog Hoya Insider.

I'm in the new Georgetown MSB building and I feel like I'm on a Star Destroyer.Justin Charity thought the new MSB building might’ve taken architectural cues from George Lucas.

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