Vox Talks: Vox Gets Real

For the second installation of Vox Talks, we asked people on campus their feelings about MTV’s reality stalwart, the Real World, coming to Dupont Circle for its 23rd season.

7 Comments on “Vox Talks: Vox Gets Real

  1. Who is that kid in the tie-dye and why is he 12. And his 15 year old wing man who is pretending like he cares more about “scholars” than big boobies?

  2. It’d be interesting to have names/affiliations captioned for everyone who is interviewed. Especially since this is the middle of July, it seems that there are a lot of summer school/campers that don’t necessarily represent the general sentiment of the academic-year Georgetown population.

    That, and some of these kids are DEFINITELY not 18 and should probably have their parents signing waivers to appear in the video.

  3. kudos on finding the teenagers … especially the 15-year-old medieval monk language aficionado. porterfield was a nice touch, as well.

  4. Medieval Scholar = cool
    Medieval Armor Scholar = not cool

    Also Dr. Porterfield should be a regular on future Vox Talks.

  5. The kid in tie-dye says “random attractive 20 year-olds” like that’s a bad thing.

    Also, check out the medieval guy’s freak out around 2:20.

  6. Good job Julia. Some of those comments definitely made my day…lol

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