Real World D.C. cast member rumored to be working at Georgetown restaurant

Tony & Joe's

A member of the Real World D.C. cast was just hired at Tony & Joe’s, a seafood joint on the Georgetown waterfront, according to the We Love D.C. blog.  The post was pretty bare-bones, but did speculate about “lame reality service industry drama” accompanied by “some horrible Matchbox 20 song.”

Naturally, the Anti-Real World D.C. blog jumped on the news, celebrating the possibility that the cast members might be spending their time away from their home-base in Dupont Circle :

The rest of the post is useless, but it makes me think two things: 1) Thank The God of Screeching-College Co-Eds that Tony & Joe’s is on the Georgetown waterfront and not in Dupont (or any other place I frequent), and 2) Does this mean that public-service jobs are a no-go for RW cast members?

The show has only been filming in D.C. for a little more than a week, but there have already been sightings of the cast at Rhino’s and Urban Outfitters.

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