Prefrosh Preview: Vox‘s campus map

Editor’s Note: Every Friday between now and the beginning of school, we’ll be posting a feature specifically for the Class of 2013 to give them an advance introduction to Georgetown.

The first step for feeling at home is knowing your surroundings. Back in the olden days, you would’ve been stuck poring over Georgetown’s retro map, but thanks to the magic of Google, Vox is proud to present our very 21st century solution: a satellite map complete with pictures and snarky (but hopefully helpful) commentary about every major building and attraction on campus!

A note about the negativity: Georgetown has many, many virtues, but our facilities aren’t really one of them—try to take the curmudgeonliness in that context.

You can check out our map here, but it works better when you view it in its own window.

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16 Comments on “Prefrosh Preview: Vox‘s campus map

  1. This had the potential to be such a great and useful welcome from Vox to the Class of 2013.

    But sheesh, you weren’t kidding about the negativity. I really don’t know why you feel the need to put your worst (not your true) face forward. Reading this is enough to make me think you hate the school, even though I know you don’t. I’m a long-time Vox reader and am generally familiar with Georgetown students’ plaintive approach to campus facilities, and I still got a sour taste in my mouth from this. Now imagine if I’ve never read Vox before and I don’t yet have the strong enough ties to Georgetown necessary to shrug off dozens of tired complaints densely organized onto a map.

    It’d be one thing if it were balanced, you know saying that Darnall has both the reputation for being the friendliest dorm due to its courtyard-shaped floors and that it’s conveniently located right next to Leavey (Vittles, MUG, Sellinger) and the new Darnall restaurant and the Student Health Center; rather than just that it’s “on the outskirts” (not actually true…) and “dingy” (which I don’t think it is, relative to Village C). You just go for the all-time greatest and most hackneyed Georgetown complaints, not even interesting or particularly true ones.

    What makes you think someone would want to read this? As someone who has already spent four years at Georgetown I can joke about how far Darnall is from the other dorms (though still much nicer than VC!) or how Leo’s food is terrible (newsflash: it’s actually not that bad, it’s just that if you eat in one place 1200 meals in a row you’ll get bored with it). But if you’re new to campus and your relationship with the university barely exists, why would you want to expose yourself to such unremitting negativity? Individually each complaint is sour grapes, but together this is quite a bit to deal with. Georgetown has many wonderful things, including some of our facilities. I don’t think this is a fair representation of our campus. And if we’re going to show new students an unfair view of our campus, why should it be unfairly negative?

    I think this is poorly executed. And you seem to know it, based on your disclaimer. You should listen to your instincts on that, and follow your own advice. If you want us to remember the “context” when we read it, please remember the context in which it’ll be read.

  2. Class of 2013, please don’t be taken aback by ONE persons interpretation of our school. You might be surprised when you come to campus that not everyone has such a negative opinion of Georgetown facilities. Is it really necessary to cast a grey cloud over our campus before the freshman even get here? At least give them a chance to decide for themselves whether or not they think Leo’s does “ungodly to food.”

    I agree, poorly executed

  3. These two comments are ridiculous. I read the whole map and couldn’t find one unreasonably harsh description of our facilities. Everything that was written in that map is the collective student opinion on our campus. Don’t get me wrong – I’m in the 1% of the population here that loves Leos, but most people hate it.

    Thank you, Vox, for putting in the effort to create such an extensive and elaborate guide for our incoming freshman. Now you just need to give them what they really need – a guide to party houses and local bars – and they’ll be ready for fall semester!

  4. I agree that this is a bit more negative than necessary (especially when you get to the North end of campus), but on the whole, it’s nothing unreasonable.

    Two factual errors I saw: first, Darnall does have wireless, the router’s one the third floor that makes things difficult for floors 1, 5, and 6, but the common rooms at least, are all mostly wireless. Also, I thought the ICC doesn’t have solar panels anymore? Something about reflecting glare into pilots’ eyes? I mean, I don’t really see a whole lot of maintenance being done on the panels, which seems odd to me.

    But in any case, I can definitely recognize that this took a lot of work, and getting such an extensive collection of photos would have been very helpful to getting a sense of the place coming in. Good work.

  5. Juliana et al, can you write which dorms you’ve lived in? I want to see if my guesses are correct, based on the map.

    Bravo, you are right that none of these complaints are unheard of, but I think that they are a bit much taken together and not balanced by aaaany positives. I think this is more a complaints map than a campus map. Thank you for showing us a geographical representation of common campus gripes! The pre-frosh will love it!

  6. As one of those “extremely unlucky sophomores” who lived in VCE, I want to say it’s actually not that bad. Having a bathroom is amazing, and the building is fine and centrally located. The complaint that having a bathroom means having to clean it is fair, but as long as you’re not an incredible pig or sloth, why is cleaning a bathroom for 5 minutes a week a problem?

    I never get tired of the Voice-as-fifth-columnists angle.

  7. Will,

    I think it’s great that you’re defending VCE. It’s also great that people have come forward to defend Darnall and Leo’s and the campus’s other “alleged” shitholes.

    I think this only proves the point though that the map sucks, though.

    Personally re:VCE I think having a bathroom was great, it’s just the dungeonliness of the rooms, terrible desks, smaller spaces (because of the bathrooms), its labyrinthine floor plan, and its exterior ugliness make it a waste of extremely valuable real estate right in the center of campus. But still, you’re right, it had some great things going for it.

  8. I lived in New South as a freshman and Kennedy as a sophomore.

    Doug: Good point about Darnall. I’m not 100% sure what the current state of the ICC solar panels are, but I’m double-checking that. In the meantime I’ve updated the map to reflect that—thanks!

  9. From University spokesperson Andy Pino: “The panels still produce about 200,000 KWH per year. Repairs are made as necessary to maximize efficiency of the entire solar array. It is the longest running installation of its scale in the country.”

  10. …And the useful life of solar panels today is 30 years or so. So for 1970s-era solar panels to still be working today in any capacity (I think they produce at something like 30% of their original capacity) is pretty impressive. I’ve heard that the rumor about pilots being bothered by reflections off them originated around the time of their installation because they were put on upside down or something. But we may require a little investigative journalism to sort that out. There are so many rumors about those panels, I feel like someone needs to sort it out at some point

  11. i believe that the icc panels produce about 5% (and i think this is a generous estimate…) of the energy that the icc uses.

    though it is possible that they produce at 30% of their original capacity.

  12. Despite the review being a bit cliche and negative, I think it does a reasonably good job of representing how most students feel about the campus buildings and facilities (though I will defend VCW to the death). I will add that while I never lived in Darnall, I actually don’t think it’s THAT bad with relatively easy access to Wisconsin, Leavey, Yates, St. Mary’s, and now the MSB building around there.

    That said, I’m definitely interested in seeing what other topics the Prefrosh Preview will tackle (hopefully the campus social scene, restaurant/bar reviews in the area, etc.) in the coming weeks.

  13. Those of you who are getting worked up about this sound a bit silly. As a rising sophomore, I would have found this very handy had it been around for me this time last year. There are very clearly positive comments interspersed through what is a wholly accurate accounting of Georgetown’s facilities.

  14. Juliana,
    I love the photos you used for the Observatory on the map.

    Just as a point of clarification: while we do have two antique telescopes, we also have between three and five modern telescopes in use at any given time.

    Of the older telescopes, the 12″ refractor is used more regularly than the other, which is a 5″ and the oldest continually used telescope in the U.S. Our most frequently used modern telescopes include a Dobsonian and a Scmidt-Cassegrain, both of which are great for deep sky and planetary viewing.

  15. I liked the map, but I’ve made it my duty to expose the myth of VCE being for sophomores as the biggest lie at Georgetown. There were about 14 freshmen on VCE 7 this year along with 30 or so sophomores, as well as full freshmen floors on 8 & 9. I liked having a bathroom, but not having a real freshman floor or dorm changed my experience, and I don’t think it was for the better.

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