Georgetown rising in Victoria’s Secret ranks, thanks to the Class of 2013

Victoria’s Secret is expanding their Pink Collegiate Collection—because really what your lingerie is missing is a college logo!—and they’re doing so democratically. To decide which 25 schools will be added to the collection, they’ve opened it up to the internet, allowing students to vote for their school.

Not even on campus yet and already showing us up as far as school spirit is concerned, the Class of 2013 has taken on the Victoria’s Secret challenge with gusto. Back on July 7th when a the contest was first posted about on the Class of 2013 Facebook group, Georgetown was coming in a lowly 170th in the contest. But after some concerted effort from the pre-frosh, we’ve shot up to 53rd.

Just how devoted to the cause are they? According to the discussion about the contest on the Georgetown 2013 Facebook group, besides just voting daily, some have even been deleting their cookies and using multiple computers in their attempt to stuff the virtual ballot box. Such commitment!

You can join them on their quest to get the Georgetown logo plastered on overpriced sleepwear by voting here.

3 Comments on “Georgetown rising in Victoria’s Secret ranks, thanks to the Class of 2013

  1. I’m sad to say I’m kind of happy Vox covered this. I’ve been watching that board hoping it would be enough publicity to push Georgetown to the top 25. I don’t shop at VS, nor will I buy the Georgetown products if we make it, but damn I love winning stuff.

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