Renewable Energy Turns Me On surveys campus recycling bins, finds them lacking

recycling fail

Over on the greener side of the Georgetown blogosphere, EcoAction’s Renewable Energy Turns Me On just conducted an informal survey of recycling bins on campus, and the findings aren’t pretty.

Renewable Energy Turns Me On visited Walsh, Healy, the ICC, Reiss and Leavey and found some serious problems with their recycling bin set-ups.  According to the post, Georgetown’s recycling bin failures are four-fold:

  1. Every facility should have bins for as many different types of recycling as possible and trash cans.
  2. Paper—which is sometimes divided into mixed paper, white paper and newspaper—should either be consolidated into one category or all three bins should be paired together.
  3. The appearance and placement of recycling and trash bins should be standardized.
  4. Recycling bins should be available in locations where they’re most needed (i.e. you should have paper recycling near copying machines, plastic and aluminum recycling near vending machines and Hoya Court).

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