The Boob Tube: Snorting Vicodin Edition

Now, this won't hurt one bit.

Nurse Jackie “Health Care and Cinema” On the first season finale, Jackie’s life begins to spin even further out of control and Dr. O’Hara’s mother is brought to the emergency room.


Over the course of this season, Nurse Jackie has found its footing and as a result it has become must-see TV. The main draw in the early episodes was the Edie Falco acting showcase. The rest of the action was merely incidental, most notably Anna Deveare Smith as the ER administrator. That’s the problem with having someone like Falco in the lead role; if the rest of the cast isn’t up to her level every minute they’re on screen, she’s going to act circles around them (a problem she never had to worry about on The Sopranos).

Starting around the middle of the season, though, the supporting cast became more three-dimensional and stepped up their acting game to Falco-like levels. Peter Facinelli’s Dr. Cooper has become a sympathetic cad who is now hopelessly infatuated with Jackie. And Deveare Smith’s Ms. Akalitus became a real person once she found an abandoned baby in the ER.

The real break-out star this season has to be Merritt Wever as nurse-in-training Zooey. The pitch-black mood of the early episodes has been almost single-handedly alleviated by Zooey, who has been the funniest woman on television all summer. Every interaction between her and Falco takes the show to a whole new level.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see them bouncing off one another very soon in season two.

The finale airs at 10:30 PM EST on Showtime.

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