Vox turns three!

3rd BirthdayBelieve it or not, Vox Populi is finally past its terrible twos: today is Vox‘s third birthday!

Three years ago today, former Voice Editor in Chief Chris Norton described Vox‘s mission statement thusly:

We, the editors, have decided to launch Vox Populi as an official companion to our print and web editions to transcend our once-a-week publication schedule, to expand the scope of the Voice’s coverage and commentary upon campus, city and national affairs, and to provide a reader-friendly forum for issues that might not otherwise make it into the paper.

We’re always trying to live up to those goals, and we’d like to know how you all think we’re doing. In honor of our third anniversary we’ve designed the first ever readership survey to help us get some more insight into what we’re doing well, what we can approve on, and what you’d like to see more of on Vox. It’s a quick, ten question affair, and we really appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill it out—consider it your birthday present to us!

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