Remix Your Weekend: Teenagers and Mash-ups

As campus begins to buzz again with the usual beginning-of-the-school-year hype, I have been doing my best to scour the internet for the best that it has to offer in the world of up-beat music. This week’s findings will keep electro-heads, indie kids, and hip hop fiends equally happy.

The first track is from the infamous Teenagers, well-known for their chauvinistic song Homecoming. Cavaliers of Fun (COF) got their remix on with the French band’s Feeling Better and the result is pure amazingness. Adding a slew of synth drums and piano, COF takes the drier original and turns it into an indie dance club gem.

The second track, part of an older mash-album put together by Montreal’s own Tor, combines Sufjan Stevens’ whimsical John Wayne Gracy Jr. with Pete Rock’s Specialize. The resulting track reminds of Amplive’s remixes of Radiohead, as Tor manipulates the instrumental just enough to fit the Pete Rock’s vocals. The whole album is a pretty rare sample of mellow mash-beatz, so I would most definitely recommend getting your hands on it.

As per usual, I will continue to be vigilant in finding new dance, remix, and party music to make ears tingle and hearts flutter. Until next week, enjoy  and the last days of summer and the first days of classes. God speed.

3 Comments on “Remix Your Weekend: Teenagers and Mash-ups

  1. The None Shall Pass mashup on the Illinoize cd is sick.

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