This morning’s reported sexual assault involved “digital penetration,” according to MPD report

The Voice has obtained the Metropolitan Police Department’s report about this morning’s sexual assault in Village A.  Although Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety’s Public Safety Alert only stated that the suspect climbed into bed with the victim and “began sexually assaulting her,” MPD’s report clarifies that the incident involved digital penetration.

According the MPD report:

Complainant 1 reports that after falling asleep by herself, she awoke to Suspect 1 sexually assaulting her with digital penetration in her bed. Suspect 1 possibly gained access to the apartment through a front window. Complainant 1 stated that to her knowledge, no property was taken by Suspect 1.

The incident was classified by MPD primarily as a burglary and secondarily as sexual abuse, second degree.  According to the report, there were signs of forced entry.  The suspect is described as male, between 5’10” and 6’0″ with a slight beard.  The suspect’s race, ethnicity, build, eye and hair color were unknown.

According to WTOP, MPD doesn’t know if one person or multiple people are responsible for the so-called “Cuddler” incidents.

When asked about the “Cuddler” moniker, MPD 2nd District Commander Matt Klein told WTOP, “You cuddle someone you love. We’re looking for a criminal.”

Reporting by Voice News Editor Eric Pilch

7 Comments on “This morning’s reported sexual assault involved “digital penetration,” according to MPD report

  1. Just to be clear: By digital they mean ‘of or pertaining to a digit,’ right? As in, a finger.

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  3. Wow, when I first saw a headline containing the phrase “Georgetown Cuddler,” I thought it was some kind of joke about one of those people who go around hugging strangers as a social statement. Nope, we’re talking about a person who commits what amounts to rape, even if it is with a finger. This is infuriating.

  4. this is RAPE, he should be appropriately named the georgetown rapist! is anyone holding protests about this bullshit?

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