ANC Wrapup: Welcome back, boozehounds!

Hope for single beer sales springs eternal

Everyone’s favorite Advisory Neighborhood Commission returned this summer after their summer recess. Like any good Georgetown reunion, the most exciting parts involved alcohol.

Last year, the D.C. Council approved a ban on the sale of single beers and small bottles of liquor in certain areas of the city, including Georgetown. The law gives ANCs the power to decide on exemptions to the ban, and Georgetown’s ANC is currently in the process of picking a plan of action.

Commissioners Bill Starrels and Tom Birch have been looking into the issue and at the meeting Starrels seemed poised to issue a resolution saying the ANC wouldn’t entertain any exemptions. Starrels said he hasn’t heard many complaints about the ban, and that the number of “homelessly challenged individuals” in Key Park has dwindled.

However, Commissioner Charles Eason said he’d personally heard three complaints, and the owners of Dixie Liquor piped up to protest, saying the ban costs them $40,000 a year. In the end, ANC decided to deliberate on the issue further, and the hope for the grand return of single beers lives on.

In other booze news, the Johnny Rockets on M Street got its hands on a liquor license and came to the ANC to work out a Voluntary Agreement (fun fact: that location is the chain’s second most-lucrative restaurant).

There was some concern that the family-friendly restaurant would be transforming into a bar, but representatives insisted that they’d only be serving three varieties of beer (Budweiser, Bud Light, and Michelob) and a couple wines so that they’ll be able to tap into the crucial “kids want a shake but dad wants a beer” demographic.

However, the ANC realized the Voluntary Agreement would have to be approved by the Citizen’s Association of Georgetown at their September 22nd meeting, so they put it on hold until next month.

When we saw Georgetown’s Associate Vice President for External Affairs Linda Greenan and Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Jeanne Lord at the meeting, we were hoping for some town-gown fireworks. No luck, though—they were just there to discuss the University’s new move-in trash collection policies. This year they’ve started driving around the neighborhood collecting trash everday except Sunday. The trash runs will continue until next Saturday.

Greenan and Lord also announced that the Office of Off-Campus Student Life will no longer be giving away warnings for trash violations. Instead, they’ll be going straight to $100+ tickets.

Photo by Flickr user piffy, used under a Creative Commons license.

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