Georgetown students murdered… in GW professor’s new novel

It's in the EyesLooking for a gripping murder mystery that involves D.C.-area co-eds?  George Washington business professor Charles Toftoy’s recently released novel, “It’s in the Eyes” may be for you!

Toftoy worked on the murder mystery thriller for seven years, according the the G.W. Hatchet, which recently published an article about Toftoy and his novel.

The book is set in D.C. and “is based around the mystery of the murders of a number of college co-eds from D.C.-area schools including Georgetown and GW.”

The book was, sadly enough, partially inspired by the real-life rape and murder of one of Toftoy’s former students, Nicole Paul, in 1994.

One Comment on “Georgetown students murdered… in GW professor’s new novel

  1. Based on the cover, I have to say . . . this thing looks promising.

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