Issue Rundown: The trials and tribulations of the student press

9/10/09 CoverSam Sweeney takes you through the history of the Hoya independence movement in the this week’s Feature.  Fun fact: the day before the April Fools’ Issue came out, Todd Olson sent the Hoya‘s Board of Directors an email telling them they would be having a meeting in two days to finalize the deal, and that they should bring their pens.

The Editorial Board thinks the Media Board was wrong to postpone the Hoya‘s independence and hopes that the University learns some lessons from the baseball work-study scandal in selecting its new Athletics Director.

In News, Will Sommer reports that more than 50 Georgetown students had reported cases of H1N1 as of Monday.  And if you’re having flu-like symptoms now? It’s “very likely” that you’ve got Swine Flu, according Dr. Brendan Furlong, head of the University Hospital’s task force on H1N1.

Tim Shine looks at the financial implications of and explanations for Baseball’s work-study scandal in Sports.

The Leisure Staff pools its collective expertise to bring you a list of “delightful day trips for the daring.”

Dan Newman recounts his memories of September 11th in Voices.

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