Obama nominates openly gay Georgetown Law prof for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama announced that he was nominating Chai Feldblum, an openly lesbian Georgetown Law professor, to serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The EEOC is a federal agency whose purpose is to end workplace discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability or whistle-blowing.

Feldblum has been at the Law Center since 1991, and founded and directed the Georgetown Law Federal Legislation and Administrative Clinic, a program for students interested in legislative law.  She is an expert on and advocate of disability and gay rights, and was involved in drafting the Americans with Disabilities Act.

7 Comments on “Obama nominates openly gay Georgetown Law prof for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

  1. I’m losing track of all of Obama’s bad decisions. There’s just so many of them.

  2. Steve, I’m interested in knowing what part of this you think is a bad decision.

  3. Duh, ATalbot. He done tired of dees’a here ho-mo-sexu-ales in that there government. He likes his political appointees white, male, God-fearing, and straight-as-an-arrow.

  4. Tim exemplifies why every debate turns into a Liberal vs. Conservative fight. Grow the hell up Tim and gtfo of the conversation.

  5. Are you trying to say that Steve is not likely a conservative? Then please, do explain what bad decisions he’s attacking from a non-conservative viewpoint so that I can understand how it’s conceivable for Steve to be anything other than a conservative bashing a liberal president.

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