Swine flu infects over 250 Georgetown students

250 of these guys running around campus

As of Monday, Georgetown has had around 250 cases of H1N1, or swine flu, according to an e-mail from Dr. James Welsh, Assistant Vice President for Student Health. Last Tuesday, Georgetown’s estimate was around 150, so the number has risen by 100 in 6 days.

Welsh’s estimates come from students who went to the Student Health Center with flu symptoms, students who called the H1N1 hotline or the Health Center’s doctor-on-call, and studentsĀ  who went to the hospital’s emergency room.

Since the number doesn’t include students who were sick but never called the hotline or received treatment, the actual number of Georgetown students sick with H1N1 is most likely higher.

For avid swine flu watchers, check out the American College Health Association’s weekly updates on H1N1 at colleges. Georgetown and other universities submit their numbers every Monday, so it’s the place to be to monitor the flu’s spread District- or nationwide.

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