Only 20 bikes registered through DPS so far

I bet this bike wasn’t registered…

The Department of Public Safety’s bike registration program was introduced in March in with some very noble goals: to help DPS more effectively manage the number of bikes on campus, to make it easier for police to return stolen bikes to their owners, and to deter criminals from stealing bikes in the first place.

Unfortunately, the student response has been pretty underwhelming: a grand total of 20 bikes have been registered and 12 bike locks have been sold through the program since June, according to Associate Director of DPS Joseph Smith.

Smith wrote in an e-mail that the tepid response to the program limits its effectiveness.

It’s too early into the academic year to say how much impact the program has had on theft, but with only 20 students registering their bikes thus far I think it would be safe to conjecture that the program would be a lot more effective if we had greater participation from the students.

Smith said he wasn’t sure making the program mandatory would be a good idea, and that he thought more voluntary participation would be preferable.

Photo from Flickr user Mr. Spinch, used under a Creative Commons license.

One Comment on “Only 20 bikes registered through DPS so far

  1. If you register your bike with DPS, and it gets stolen, will they still do the usual NOTHING that they do in response to most campus crimes?

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