Circulator’s Wisconsin Avenue coverage saved, The Post reports

Adrian Fenty, bus savior

Cheap, reliable transportation fans rejoice: The Wisconsin Avenue portion of the Georgetown—Union Station Circulator route that was slated to be discontinued this Friday has been saved, according to The Washington Post‘s Dr. Gridlock.

According to the Post:

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty is scheduled to go to the D.C. Circulator bus stop at Whitehaven Place NW on Tuesday morning to announce that the extension of the route up Wisconsin Avenue will be preserved.


8 Comments on “Circulator’s Wisconsin Avenue coverage saved, The Post reports

  1. Isn’t it great that they only cut bus service in the poor parts of town??

  2. Horray! I really appreciate this! My dream of connecting the ends of the Circulator lines at the Cathedral can continue, however unlikely it now is that this line, so close to death, could be extended the few extra blocks.

  3. No one wants to go to the poor parts of town. That’s why they’re the poor parts of town.

  4. A lot of people live there, and they desperately need the bus to get to work/the doctor/the store/anywhere

  5. Juliana, its pretty sad that you frame this as Fenty ‘saving’ public transit, when in fact the Circulator system is an undercutting of public transportation in the first place. It is a privatized/sub-contracting scheme designed to circumvent paying drivers legitimate wages with job protections and possible pensions. Fenty would love nothing more than to see such public/private enterprises take over any or all wmata routes in order to cut his liability and costs (I know this was already a circulator route, but they are looking to expand significantly circulator routes where current wmata routes run).

  6. If WMATA buses were as regular or as convenient, maybe that wouldn’t be an issue, Tim2. Given how irregular all of those 30s are, of course I’ll pick the Circulator instead.

  7. Tim2,
    Whether or not the bus drivers’ jobs are unionized is not the determining factor as to whether it’s “public transit” or not. And your interpretation of Fenty’s motives are similarly off-base. The District doesn’t pay directly for Metro Bus; WMATA is not a District agency. Every WMATA busline replaced by a Circulator actually results in an increase to the District’s liability and costs.

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