Councilmember David Catania (SFS ’90, LAW ’94) introducing same-sex marriage bill next week


D.C. Councilmember and Georgetown double alumni David Catania (I-At Large)(SFS ’90, LAW ’94) is planning to introduce a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in the District next Tuesday, according to the Washington Post.

The bill, “The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Amendment Act of 2009,” is being co-sponsored by ten of the D.C. Council’s 13 members, and Mayor Adrian Fenty (D) has pledged to sign the bill, so it is all but guaranteed to pass.

According to the Post, the bill will change the city code to state that “any person … may marry any other eligible person regardless of gender.”

Rumors have floated around about Catania introducing a same-sex marriage bill since last year.  In May, the D.C. Council nearly unanimously passed a bill that recognized same-sex marriages performed in other states.

Catania, who is openly gay, announced his intention to introduce the bill at the Council’s Tuesday meeting at a gathering of 150 gay rights activists, saying, “We are going to do it now.  We are going to do it now, not for ourselves, but for the young people who are 20 years-old, 16-years-old, 13-years-old.”

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6 Comments on “Councilmember David Catania (SFS ’90, LAW ’94) introducing same-sex marriage bill next week

  1. People against Marriage Equality do not base their public statements on facts either from science or the bible. It is a repeat of the time the Vatican was condemning Galileo, because they insisted that Galileo was going against the bible that it is the sun that revolves around the earth. Therefore, the only position left for being against gay rights or gay marriage is for personal reasons. Because researchers have clearly shown us that components of human sexuality are on continuums. This means that nearly everyone is a mixture of LGBT components to some degree, the variation on this are likely as complex as DNA.

    With more and more people having “come out” in many professions, from various backgrounds, prime ministers to major football sport figures, plus the overwhelming abundance of allies coming out in support of LGBT people, there are fewer people in the closet, now days. This means it resonates more quickly when someone is closeted about his or her sexual orientation or gender identity by the person’s public remarks. However, instead of resisting publicly by regressing to irrational fears, name-calling and making ignorant statements, it is best to come to terms with one’s own individual sexual orientation and gender identity before facing the public.

    Marriage Equality – the importance and meaning of marriage is more than procreation. Two people pledging their love to each other is not just for themselves, because that is not marriage. By being in love, two become one and they are better equip to be the best for everyone in world their families, friends, co-workers and beyond. In this way all marriages are contributing to the procreation of children by their enriching the social environment that children will be born into. I think that love; true love like energy is never lost, a bit like Einstein, maybe.

    The truth will set us free – not ignorance and fear.

    Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

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  3. I disagree. I think marriage has always primarily centered around procreation and family and should continue to do so. Otherwise, why really have marriage at all? Your argument that, “By being in love, two become one and they are better equip to be the best for everyone in world…” is weak. If people do better when they have a partner, then let people partner up, live together, whatever. They could even create a little ceremony in which they pledged their undying love to one another. Marriage, on the other hand, is specifically about binding men and women together so that children can have stable families in which to grow up as an ideal. There is nothing hateful or bigoted or unfair about that. It is just a fact based on nature, reason, religion…many things.

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