Backlog at VA leads to delayed tuition payments for student veterans

Uncle Sam: not so great at doling out cash

The new GI Bill greatly expanded the benefits available to student-veterans this year, which is awesome.  Unfortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been overwhelmed by new applicants and there have been large-scale delays in processing tuition, housing, and text-book payments, the Washington Post reported over the weekend.

According to the Post, of the 251,000 students who applied for support from the VA, less than 10 percent have received checks.  Many student have had to take out last-minute loans or accumulate credit card debt in order to stay enrolled because of the delay.

Georgetown’s Director of Media Relations Andy Pino wrote in an e-mail that some of the University’s student veterans have received checks, and Georgetown is working with the rest as they wait for their payments to be processed by the VA.

In an effort to prevent late payment charges that may result from a processing backlog at the VA, we are placing temporary credits on all the accounts of students that have provided a Certificate of Eligibility.

For those that have not gotten a Certificate of Eligibility, we will remove any applicable late payment charges once we receive the certification. The student veterans have still been able to register and attend classes.

Pino did not specify how many Georgetown students are being affected by the VA backlog.

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