Georgetown is gradually getting greener, the College Sustainability Report Card finds

The Sustainable Endowments Institute just released its 2010 College Sustainability Report Card, and while Georgetown is still in the B range, we’re making some improvements.  This year we received an overall grade of B, up from the B- we received for the past two years and the C+ we received in 2007.

Georgetown’s biggest gains came in the areas of Climate Change & Energy and Shareholder Engagement.

For Climate Change & Energy, where Georgetown jumped up to an A from last year’s C, the College Sustainability Report Card praised us for decreasing our carbon emissions by 12 percent between 2006 and 2008.  We also got plaudits for installing monitors in dorms that display real-time energy use per resident.

In terms of Shareholder Engagement, where we also now have an A rather than a C, we got good marks for involving students, faculty and staff in the decision-making process, not just administrators and trustees as had previously been the case.

We also inched up in terms of Endowment Transparency, earning a D this year, rather than the F we received for the previous three years, thanks to a slight liberalization of the University’s policy on disclosing endowment decisions.

The only area where Georgetown’s grades suffered this year was Transportation.  While we’d previously earned a B in that category, this year we came away with a C.

4 Comments on “Georgetown is gradually getting greener, the College Sustainability Report Card finds

  1. Did our grade for transportation go down because we are now routing our GUTS buses via the most energy inefficient routes imaginable?

    Will it go down even further next year because this will only encourage our insatiable neighbors to blow more hot air, warming the climate and endangering the natural habitat of the polar bear?

  2. Of course the grade is going to go down when you reroute your hundreds of bus routes per week so they consume far more fuel, emit far more emissions, and cause more wear on the vehicles. Too bad there is no grade for wasting time, like there is for wasting material resources…

  3. Actually, our transportation grades will almost certainly go up next year. The GUTS buses are currently being revamped to run on biodiesel

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