L’Aquila study abroad location still uncertain for this year

L’Aquila after the quake

Last spring an earthquake hit the little Italian town of L’Aquila, where Georgetown holds a summer study abroad program for students taking Italian. Due to the damage, the summer 2009 session was relocated to Rome.

While hosting the study abroad program in Rome certainly has its benefits, the Office of International Programs is looking to return to L’Aquila when possible. The historical town offered a quaint cultural experience for students unavailable in other, larger cities. However, the location for the 2010 summer session is still uncertain.

“The situation there is – obviously – complex, and it will take some time for us to know how feasible it is for us to return,” Cristina Dinu, the Director of Summer Study Abroad, wrote in an e-mail.

If the program cannot be relocated to L’Aquila for this summer, she wrote, it will most likely take place in Rome for a second time. The administration is looking into some other, although less likely, possibilities. Another option would be to move the to another town in the area around L’Aquila.

Photo by Flickr user leandrodemori, used under a Creative Commons license.

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