Georgetown Cupcake triumphs over Baked & Wired in NBC face-off

Cupcake Face-off

NBC Washington has been hosting a series of face-offs to award local superlatives—the best live music venue, best people-watching spot, best pizza, etc.—and they finally got around to addressing the real big conflict: who has the best cupcakes in Georgetown, Baked & Wired or Georgetown Cupcake?

Both cupcakeries put up a strong fight, but ultimately Georgetown Cupcake came away with a decisive 56 percent of the vote.

Finally, our local cupcake controversy is resolved!

6 Comments on “Georgetown Cupcake triumphs over Baked & Wired in NBC face-off

  1. this is only because baked & wired keeps itself humble and out of the overly trendy cupcake craze by consistently being the very best. i don’t want all those gtown cupcake posers infiltrating my cupcake shop anyhow.

  2. ditto. the idea that georgetown cupcake cupcakes are better than baked and wired’s is obviously ridiculous.

  3. A good chunk of GC’s success is the “aspirational” element of naming the place after a neighborhood with cache amongst people who would be willing to wait a half an hour for a 4 dollar cupcake. If they had a name like Red Velvet or Hello Cupcake, they wouldn’t be nearly as big a deal, imho.

  4. Georgetown Cupcake IS better than Baked & WIred, according to me. Baked and Wired has too much icing and too much sugar for my taste — and the quality of Georgetown Cupcakes ingredients just seems to taste better.

  5. During the “Best of D.C.” competition for the City Paper, Georgetown Cupcake had an employ sit, click, and vote and over and over. I hardly believe their moral fortitude improved between that contest and this one.

    Baked and Wired is a clearly superior cupcake and a clearly superior place to enjoy yourself.

  6. Absurd. The frosting alone at Baked and Wired is divine.

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