Georgetown ranked 129th best university worldwide by Times Higher Education – QS

THE-QS RankingsIf you thought our US News and World Report ranking of 23 was low, brace yourself: The 2009 Times Higher Education – QS World University Rankings just came out, and Georgetown is down to 129.

These rankings look at universities worldwide, so there’s a much larger pool of competition.  Still, this year’s ranking is noticeably lower than where we were last year (110th) and where we were in 2007 and 2006 (102nd).

The Times Higher Education—QS rankings also come with specific subject rankings.  While our Life Sciences and Biomedicine ranking was an underwhelming 162nd, we shined in Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences, coming in 75th and 57th respectively.

7 Comments on “Georgetown ranked 129th best university worldwide by Times Higher Education – QS

  1. hmm…we’re tied with ohio state. if only we had beaten them in ’07…

  2. A real news source would analyze this ranking’s methodology. If it’s the same as last year, they factor in such nonsense as “% of foreign professors,” which is a completely meaningless criteria. Also notice UVA at 128. This ranking is garbage.

  3. A real Internet commenter would call this post gay.

    Tim, I think you should start your own blog. I would read it.

  4. Bah, what rubbish.

    /It actually sounds like a pretty accurate representation of perceived prestige of US universities outside of the US.

  5. I think saying “these Universities are tied with us, these results must be bogus” highlights the severe mindless douche-baggery of Georgetown. A ranking isn’t wrong just because we’re not at the top, or above schools you baselessly feel superior to. Fact: Georgetown’s science department is ridiculously anemic. It’s rightfully keeping the University down. Tough admissions don’t a well-rounded University make.

    That said, all college rankings are arbitrary bull. Everyone needs to stop making such a big deal out of them.

  6. I would absolutely start a blog if I had the time. But given my other commitments, just “contributing” my thoughts to other blogs is the way to go.

  7. Um, so Univ of Minn, Boston University and Purdue are higher than us? This is crazy.

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