How does Georgetown’s Twitter usage compare to other universities?

Twitter gets its academics on

While anyone who has interacted with UIS knows technology isn’t exactly Georgetown’s strong suit, the University has been exploring this newfangled social media thing, even setting up its own Twitter account.

But how does Georgetown’s Twitter usage stack up with other top universities? recently crunched the numbers to find out which schools in the top 100 of U.S. News and World Report‘s college rankings are doing, and Georgetown is in the middle of the pack.

Besides the main @Georgetown account, the University runs 8 other Twitter accounts, earning them a 36th place showing in the Number of Accounts ranking.  On average, Georgetown-affiliated Twitter accounts produce 16.3 tweets per day, earning us 52nd place showing on the Total Tweets Per Day ranking.

With those accounts following 1,143 other users, Georgetown came 43rd on the Number of Users Following list.  Our real weak point is how many other Twitter users are following Georgetown-affiliated accounts.  With only 2,038 followers, Georgetown came in 64th on the Number of Followers ranking.

Vox says Georgetown would probably be doing much better if the administration had allowed the @JackDeGioia account to survive

2 Comments on “How does Georgetown’s Twitter usage compare to other universities?

  1. Some of GU’s twitter feeds are useful (athletics ones mostly). The main GU one is just a rehash of emails which I already get. That’s why I don’t follow it.

  2. It’s only a 6,000 student undergrad school. It’s never going to stack up to a massive state school re: number of followers.

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