Date Lab Georgetown: The play’s the thing

Date Lab #3Claire Mongeau and Michael Franch

When Vox plays matchmaker, it does its best to pair people up who share a sense of humor. So when we saw from their surveys that Claire Mongeau (COL ’11) is “sometimes sarcastic when the other person doesn’t realize it, which leads to awkward situations,” and that Michael Franch’s  (COL ’11) perfect date would “end with us on the national news being given the Congressional Medal of Honor for ‘…your brave and decisive actions to save this Republic,’ kissing passionately to the raucous applause of the assembled Senators and Representatives, and having the President give us high fives,” Vox thought, “Bingo.”

Franch said his type is, “Pretty, and not crazy, because I’ve tried it without the ‘not crazy.'” About the wildest thing Mongeau admits to doing is mixing “all the different kinds of cereal together when I go to Leo’s,” so she seems on the level enough for him.

In fact, she laughs at crazy. If she were on a reality show, it would be America’s Next Top Model. “Tyra keeps getting crazier and crazier with each season,” she wrote, “so hopefully by the time I get on the show she will have to wear a straitjacket and only communicate by smiling with her eyes.”

So on Saturday, Franch and Mongeau spent about forty-five minutes at UG talking over smoothies, caramel apple for her, and mango for him. They had met briefly before, Franch said, through Georgetown’s theater scene, but didn’t know each other very well up until that point. In getting to know each other, they covered some odd first-date topics, from women’s rights to the awfulness of romantic relationships.

“Women’s rights—it’s sort of a heavy topic, but we started talking about his wild, crazy high school past, and then about why relationships suck in general, and we were probably talking about how men and women were different, and that’s where we ended up. It’s serious for UG, and then we were like, ‘anyway, so, parties…'” Mongeau said.

In the end, Mongeau said, they traded numbers, “so we’re officially friends now.” But they didn’t see each other romantically. “He’s really fun to hang out with, though, so we’ll probably hang out in the future,” she added.

Meanwhile, Franch is going to keep searching for someone worthy of sharing that kiss and Congressional Medal of Honor.

“[Claire] is a really, really friendly girl …  but nothing there was uniquely engaging or interesting,” Franch said.

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Thanks to Uncommon Grounds for providing the free food and drinks.  Photo by Molly Redden.

8 Comments on “Date Lab Georgetown: The play’s the thing

  1. Unfortunate it didn’t work out for the cutie from the crew team.

  2. “[N]othing there was uniquely engaging or interesting.” Hahahaha.

  3. “but nothing there was uniquely engaging or interesting”…French is a douche. She’s cute.

  4. French didn’t bother to even ask about her crew team involvement/travels/interests. Another pseudo-intellectual politico wannabe. She’s cute

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