Sexual assault suspect attempts to enter girls’ beds at GW, gets caught

Last week, George Washington University saw some sexual assaults that were reminiscent of the “Cuddler” incidents that have occurred in Georgetown over the past year and a half.  Unlike Georgetown, though, GW was able to catch the alleged perpetrator.

According to a Public Safety Advisory message sent out to the GW community last Friday:

On October 9, 2009, between 4:30 am – 5:00 am, GWPD received information that a non-GW affiliated male, who was the guest of a GW student, entered several residence hall rooms in Thurston Hall and tried to touch several females while they were sleeping. The male student who signed the subject into the building was seen on camera leaving the building alone soon after signing in his guest, and therefore left him unaccompanied.

Several residents from one of the rooms brought the male to the security desk at Thurston Hall and GWPD was notified about what had occurred. GWPD and MPD initiated an investigation. The subject is in police custody, so he poses no further threat to the GW community at this time.

The GW Hatchet has more information about the incident, including an account from one victim who said the attacker “woke her up by trying to kiss her, and ‘attempted twice to place his hands down the front of her shorts.'”  The student also said the assailant told her he attended the University of Maryland.

3 Comments on “Sexual assault suspect attempts to enter girls’ beds at GW, gets caught

  1. Wait, security cameras?! Wow, GW has made it all the way to the 1980s in its crime prevention techniques. Georgetown has a lot it could learn.

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