Twuesday Tweetacular: Proud of our politics

Lol I'm up before the sun to see Tony Blair. #whatwouldyoudoforformerprimeministersofbritainJulia Grace was deeply committed to last week’s high-profile on-campus speaker, Tony Blair.

Georgetown is the only place in DC I feel safe wearing my McCain t-shirt. Commemorates 500 stops we made, doesnt encourge votes. Just rest.RT @frailamerica: A McCain t-shirt could easily be interpreted as ironic hipster-wear. // There is nothing ironic about Georgetown.Political journalist and blogger Ana Marie Cox found the one place in D.C. she could un-ironically sport her McCain gear.

The upside to student guarding at 8:00 a.m. on Columbus Day? Watching fresh-faced youngsters embark on their walks of shame.Former Vox Editor Molly Redden witnessed her fair share of three-day weekend morning-afters during her student guarding stint.

Also, our cab driver on the way home re: gtown bros fighting in the intersection - "it's all ok, don't worry about it"Kelsey Ryan‘s cab driver had some wise words for feuding Georgetown bros.

Georgetown Alumni Event - Blinded by the Light: A Diamond Buying Seminar // #intouchwithrealityfail for Gtown admins.Matthew Smith found Georgetown’s latest alumni engagement attempt a tad out of touch.

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