Vox Talks: Midnight Madness shooting

Editor’s Note: Some of the students in the video say the gun was stolen from a Metropolitan Police Department officer.  It should be noted that the gun was actually taken from a Park Police officer.

5 Comments on “Vox Talks: Midnight Madness shooting

  1. If you’re going to take the time to offer an opinion, at least take the time to read enough to figure out that it’s NOT A METRO POLICE OFFICER. You probably needed to read for less than two minutes on any story by the Voice/Hoya to learn this, and it is absolutely astounding how willing people are to share their opinion when they clearly can’t even read.

  2. i get the sense that these “vox pop” interviews were poorly done, so that people gave generic answers and ridiculous assumptions like “this just shows how bad campus security is”. it seems almost like a push poll, except with a camera in the face. it also seems like the author led people to believe that the woman was an MPD officer, possibly with the question’s wording. no way so many students could get that so wrong on their own.

    shame, too, because this could have been done well and been minorly useful. but, whatever gets the viewers watching, right?

  3. actually, it’s probably that people on the street just aren’t naturally eloquent, nor have they laid out thoughtful responses in their heads to questions that they didn’t foresee anyone asking. so they go with safe answers, kind of the same way that people recycle arguments made against major news networks and post them on campus blogs.

  4. As a Voice staffer, I can personally attest to the fact that we are attempting to paint MPD as the party at fault here despite consistently reporting that it was Park Policewoman Sharice Clanton whose gun was stolen.
    We’ve done this because we think it gets more viewers if people we interview, who aren’t part of the Voice, mistakenly say it was an MPD officer.

  5. haha ignorant people. get your facts straight. does the voice just try to get their hands on people that pay no attention? this makes me laugh.

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