The Terminator returns: Arnold Schwarzenegger receives MSB Dean’s Medal

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I’ll be back.”

Two years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger reiterated the famous phrase during a speech at Georgetown. Last night, he kept his promise. The California Governor offered influential words to a community of business leaders at a dinner event celebrating the new Rafik B. Hariri Building of the McDonough School of Business.

George Daly, Dean of the MSB, presented the Georgetown dad with the school’s Dean’s Medal in honor of Schwarzenegger’s leadership in entertainment, athletics, and public policy.

Daly commemorated Schwarzenegger as someone who has “represented the best qualities of the American national character.” The Governor, who holds a business degree from the University of Wisconsin, acknowledged his belief in a “business aspect to everything.” He attributes the success of his career to his affinity for entrepreneurship.

Reflecting on his body building career, he recalled, “While I was pumping iron, they [the business leaders] were pumping their wallets.” Thus, his self-marketed career began. According to Schwarzenegger, refined marketing and promotional skills serve as the key elements to successful business. His “30 Cities in 30 Days” book tour as a body builder and dedication to international promotion as an actor facilitated his phenomenal achievements.

And now, as a Governor, he relates his position in politics to business as well.

“Like corporate CEOs must create a vision…[the government] must create a vision,” he said. “That is important for the future of the state.”

Schwarzenegger also focused on environmental sustainability and its economic prospects. Strongly advocating the advancement of solar-powered technology throughout the United States, the Governor believes in the shared responsibility of government and citizens to address and support green policy.

“What many people don’t realize about climate change is that it’s not just about climate, but it is also about business opportunities,” he said.

The governor paid a tribute to California’s rapid progression in the development and utilization of green technology, emphasizing the necessity of strong environmental leadership. He declared that “President Obama is marching in the right direction,” and even addressed the McDonough School of Business as a “testament to looking to the future.”

Photo by Shira Saperstein.

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