MPD not investigating hate crimes because victims won’t talk to police, Lt. Hedgecock says

At tonight’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting (which Vox will have a full write-up of tomorrow), Lieutenant John Hedgecock said that Metropolitan Police Department was not investigating either of the recent hate crimes because the victims would not talk to police. Hedgecock said both victims were contacted multiple times by MPD, including by the Gay and Lesbian Liason Unit.

Hedgecock added that the description of the assailant involved in Sunday’s assault is vague, because the victim could not remember much about the attack.

“He had really no recollection of what had occurred,” Hedgecock said.

University spokesperson Andy Pino said University had referred the crimes to MPD and did not know the status of any investigations.

6 Comments on “MPD not investigating hate crimes because victims won’t talk to police, Lt. Hedgecock says

  1. I know one of the victims and that person did in fact talk to the police, so it’s unclear why they are saying this. The details of the incident were given when they initially met, but the police have not contacted the victim with any questions or information about an investigation since then. The Gay and Lesbian Liason Unit never made any contact.

  2. MPD: Investigating crimes, unless the victim isn’t a good witness.

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  4. Weren’t there other witnesses? Is the University going to do anything to pressure MPD to investigate?

    Why do I assume the answer to the first question is “Yes.” And the answer to the second is “Absolutely not.” Georgetown is spineless, and every day that it does not take drastic action to secure its students and its community is further proof of it.

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