Georgetown second most expensive school in country, according to CNN

CNN recently released a ranking of the most expensive colleges and universities (based on data from the Chronicle of Higher Education) and Georgetown is a very high achiever: according to their data, we’re the second most expensive school in the country this year.

With a total cost of $52,161 for the 2009-10 school year, the only school that Georgetown is cheaper than is Sarah Lawrence College, which clocked in with a total cost of $55,788.  According to CNN, Georgetown’s total cost increased by 2.9 percent from the 2008-09 school year.

Perhaps the most tragic thing about this ranking is that we can no longer point at GW for being so outrageously expensive—they’re a whole two spots and $386 below us this year.

11 Comments on “Georgetown second most expensive school in country, according to CNN

  1. You’re a little late-I saw this on CNN like a week ago.

  2. What amazes me is how much Georgetown cost for what it actually provides? Now I’m sure the professors and academics are top-notch, but I’ve been to Georgetown and the facilities and infrastructure are not that great. Old and poorly maintained in my opinion. Management of the campus seems to have a carefree attitude toward keeping up the property, especially the workers I saw. The library was old and crowded. This was surprising, since I would have thought this to be the hub of learning on the Georgetown campus. I’m just really surprised. I’d expect stellar facilities and atmosphere. Yes, I know Gtown’s endowment isn’t as much as other schools, but maybe Georgetown needs to figure out what that is.

  3. its because the school is a private university located in DC, and thus must pay for the unnecessarily high land value tax. This is why GW is also very high.

  4. I wish my money went to improving the facilities–which does pull down our school rankings. Although we spend a quarter of a million dollars of tuition, we walk into Walsh, Lauinger and WGR, which are dilapidated both in terms of facilities and aesthetics. At least the business school and Healy are consistent with our reputation and help attract world-class students.

    We should raise more money from alumni and licensing from sports.

  5. **I meant that neglecting or maintaining inadequate facilities pulls down our rankings

  6. Maybe the school needs to work with the city to change the tax laws, get a exemption…I don’t know. But something needs to be done. I haven’t looked at rankings in a long time, but I would be the school has been decreasing in the rankings for a while, and probably because of the facilities. Why does the law school not have this problem, it is also in DC?

  7. Georgetown will always have the problem (vis-a-vis fundraising) of alumni going into public service in large numbers. Public careers don’t lead to a particularly large amount of expendable income for, say, substantial donations to your alma mater.

  8. interesting that people here are complaining about how money should go to improve the facilities at georgetown, as a student at gw i get extremely frustrated at how all they seem to do is spend on our facilities and not on improving our academic base. our profs have incredibly low salaries for what they do, its unfortunate how all the petty competition for rankings cause universities to deviate their funds from what really matters

  9. I will admit, the Professors and academics are top notch. We might not have the newest buildings, but I’ve been very impressed by faculty.

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