Twuesday Tweetacular: Papers, power, planning meetings and more!

Twuesday Tweetacular

Why is it so much less painful to grade papers outside on a beautiful day? It is gorgeous today. Still, I do hate grading.Fr. Christopher Steck, S.J. confirmed what we all suspected: our professors enjoy grading our papers about as much as we enjoy writing them.

was just accused of power tripping while student guarding. if absolute power corrupts absolutely, how much does student guard power corrupt?Carter Lavin got caught up in the power and prestige of student guarding. Leon-Ojeda announced that he would not be supporting Jack in the college canine mascot contest.

I expect all of you to show up at the 10-year plan meetings to tell the administrators how ridiculous the DuPont GUTS rerouting isRobert Biemsderfer wants to see lots of his peers at today and tomorrow’s 2010 Campus Plan presentations.

@GtownVoxPop AWWWWWW YEAH! YOU KNOW THE KING LOVES GUSA DRAMA. ROYAL COURT IS ON HOLD.King Georgetown revealed that he has a soft spot for GUSA drama.

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