The Venus Flytrap, Georgetown’s newest blog

Venus Flytrap

Georgetown has seen quite a few blogs come and go over the past year—Hoya Insider, FINS, Saxa Speak, The Georgetown Examiner, George The Third, et cetra—but Vox has high hopes for the newest GU-centric student blog, The Venus Flytrap.

Written by an anonymous junior in the College, The Venus Flytrap was started earlier this week and has already tackled classic topics like Chicken Finger Thursdays and SafeRides with aplomb and a lot of expletives.

To give you an idea of the author’s balls-out writing style, here are her thoughts on the new Hariri Building:

I walk in and BAM! It was like I went to real school, a school that cares whether or not our buildings look like Soviet compounds (I’M TALKING TO YOU MR LAUINGER ARCHITECT). Mr Hariri, be proud. As if b-school kids didn’t have enough to be excited about, what with every damn government bailout funding their future jobs (AHEM kid I know that sucks that’s going to work for Fannie Mae), now they have their OWN PERSONAL DEATH STAR.

Seriously, this building’s bricks are really just balled-up hundred dollar bills dyed to look different shades of grey. I’m pretty sure that those lights look so yellow because they’re emitting pure beams of gold and fairy dust. Realistically I know I need to leave Georgetown with an MRS degree since my College majors ain’t gonna help me get shit, so expect to see muh ass parked in the center of this glorious structure every damn night trying to lure an MSB boy into my venus fly trap.

12 Comments on “The Venus Flytrap, Georgetown’s newest blog

  1. This blog is an insult to any genuine standards of communication

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  3. She tries way too hard to be vulgar and hilarious…it stopped being funny after a few sentences and twelve-too-many words that end in “z”…..

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  5. I was a year abroad student at Georgetown. A cohesive student community barely existed, a variety of social opportunities were mainly exchanged for weirdly Sovietized halls of residence, and any foray into the outside world consisted of the “mad for it” U street or that other lame area (consisting of a single street with a few cheap bars), although there was an overpriced spy museum. the best part is a student community entirely indoctrinated by their own propaganda, with these banners all over the place telling them what an inclusive, vibrant, community GU is.

  6. I don’t think its fair to get to be anonymous and write nasty things about other Georgetown students….Kate Petersen…at least cop to who you are

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