The Real World DC promises drama and doe-eyed reverence for the Capitol Building

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The Real World DC doesn’t premier for another month, but if this this trailer that MTV released is any indication, the eight cohabitating strangers who moved into a house in Dupont Circle in August spawned plenty of he-said, she-likes, he-slept-with drama amongst themselves. (See: “There’s just something about Callie” and “It’s about being true to yourself, being true to others, and being genuine”).

It doesn’t seem like there will be any shortage of reverent references to the show’s taking place in D.C., the seat of government, either. Several cast members are eager to prove that living in America’s capitol city made an impression on them, like Erika, who can be heard saying, “Like, that’s why our generation is so important. We’re in a position where we can take a stand on things and our voice will be heard,” while Andrew eats something microwaveable out of bowl in a panda bear hat.

OK, so it’ll be silly, standard Real World fare. But there’s reason to hope that a lot of that silliness will take place in Georgetown. Cast members were spotted barhopping all along M Street this past summer, for example. Georgetown centric or no, Vox will be running weekly episode recaps of The Real World DC —we’ll let you know who DFMO’ed with whom after too many rail drinks at Rhino.

If you need tiding over until then, the Voice‘s November 12 feature by Sam Sweeney covered The Real World, coverage of The Real World, and let us glimpse their kind souls:

So what was the cast’s relationship with the producers and cameramen like?

“As far as I’m concerned, they don’t exist,” Ty Ruff, the athletic Baltimore-native said. “It’s like mice in your house. You’re like, what the fuck, how do we get rid of these people?”

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