North Carolina State makes getting coffee even easier, if a little creepy

securityWe know you got three shots of espresso. It’s on tape.

This finals season, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the line at Midnight Mug went out the door before giving up a coveted spot on Lau 2?

Students at North Carolina State University enjoy this very privilege thanks to a website the university library created. It allows users to access a livestream of the library café via mobile device so that they can monitor lines. Students can also browse the library catalog and search for available public computers.

A feature that will allow students to book study rooms and request books right on their phones will be available in the future. The application is not limited to iPhones, either, so even those who don’t worship at the feet of Apple can reserve books right from their phone.

Sounds like a great program, but of course, Georgetown should focus on getting full wireless coverage before it takes that big leap into Big Brotheresque mobile shortcuts.

Via The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Wired Campus blog.

Photo from Flickr user Travelin’ Librarian used under a Creative Commons license.

5 Comments on “North Carolina State makes getting coffee even easier, if a little creepy

  1. Please write a story about Leo’s malfunctioning again. Second time this semester we have to resort to shitty small styrofoam stuff. The bowls are a joke. YOU CAN FIT THREE CORNFLAKES IN THEM. THREE. Don’t even think about putting milk in there. And you can totally forget about oatmeal, the one part of Leo’s they don’t consistently screw up. But at least they offer oh so much selection for muffins: cornbread muffin or chocolate chip muffin. The buffet line is a row of fat-impregnated greasy “dishes” designed to make Georgetown students plumper for whatever demise these Leo’s workers have in store for us. If anyone actually buys a meal at Leo’s for the 11 dollars it is over the next few days, I feel so sorry for them, but they need to learn their lesson: Starving is better than leo’s dreck. Maybe they’re just trying to avoid a Dickensian situation, because I strongly doubt anyone will go up to a Leo’s staffer and say ‘please sir may I have some more’, mainly because the only things worth saying that about have a line that’s unfathomably long and slow-moving (something I feel analogous to registration here: the only classes you’d look forward to take are inevitably full with 30 people on the waitlist, screw pre-registration I’m going to resort to blackmailing people I think will beat me out for a spot but that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of beans).

    Bottom line: what kind of screw-up could remove the entire dish service from operation? I can’t think of anything besides a after-hours unsanctioned faux bowling tournament, a plate shooting gallery in what used to be the New South dining hall, or someone “accidentally” liquified swine flu and put it in the dishwashing liquid. Someone give me a more logical explanation, I’d be happy to listen to it as I find other dining options for the next 4 days. What a grand Merry Christmas from Leo’s, instead of 5 gold rings we get 5 days of even worse than usual service.

    BUT, SILVER LINING, we’re helping the environment, because our styrofoam is being turned into energy somewhere in Virginia. Maybe if Al Gore was personally handing out those bowls that I can’t even fit my tiny fist in, I would be momentarily distracted from the spectacular fail that just transpired. Until I put syrup on my plate and it eats through the styrofoam because the syrup is so terrible it eats through anything that’s too thin. Leo’s, I have a parting message for you, BE BETTER AT YOUR JOB, of providing Georgetown students with a variety of tasteful and healthy dining options, not making me feel like the only reason Georgetown has a cafeteria is maybe because they’re required by the same laws that require prisons to have cafeterias.

    What a difference a week makes, one thursday I’m devouring a spectacularly cooked turkey with some nice cinnamon rolls followed by a deliciously moist pumpkin pie, the next I’m eating shitty pizza and dry chicken in them off a plate that makes me feel like I’m actually a subject in a sterile medical experiment.

  2. Make an article focusing on why MyAccess is complete garbage, focusing especially on the fact that I preregistered for 6 classes, and of those 6 classes, 3 ended up being canceled, effectively screwing my schedule up because they didn’t properly inform ANYONE that those classes were not being offered anymore despite being listed on the course schedule.

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