November Campus Crime Watch

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Crime was down significantly from October, when 52 incidents were recorded in the Department of Public Safety’s Daily Crime Log. In November’s crime log (PDF), there were 28 incidents reported. Here’s a breakdown of what was in the log:

  • In November, there were 18 thefts reported to DPS, and three burglaries that resulted in theft. Almost all of the theft incidents took place in classrooms or public spaces, and the three burglaries occurring in Village A, McCarthy, and Yates.

    In six cases, wallets or cash went missing; four laptops, two cell phones, and an assortment of other items—a GOCard, laundry, a jacket, a backpack full of notebooks, a makeup bag—were purloined, too. One of the laptops was taken in a burglary. Another burglary took place in Village A, where a suspect broke in and stole a television, and the third burglary was the break-in and assault at Yates, where robbers made off with $7,500 in cash and threw security cameras in the pool.

    Not everything that got stolen last month was lost forever. On Saturday, November 24, a suspect stole a bicycle that wasn’t locked from the ICC area and fled, only to abandon the bicycle at the front gates.

  • Aside from the break-in at Yates, last month’s most disconcerting crime was a crime of voyeurism. A small camera was found attached to a soap dispenser in the Student Health Center. In an e-mail, Associate Director of DPS Joseph Smith said that he could not comment on whether there were any suspects as this case is still an “active investigation,” nor could he go into any more detail about the incident.
  • The homophobic graffiti found in Copley Hall, which according to The Hoya was the fifth bias-related incident reported to DPS since late October, accounted for the one incident of vandalism that occurred in November.
  • There was one case of unlawful entry, in which a person who had been barred from entering Lauinger Library was booted from the Library again and barred from campus.
  • Four drug violations were recorded at the beginning of the month. In all cases, it seems that the perpetrators had left the area before DPS arrived and found their drugs or “drug paraphernalia.” In one case, the substance found was identified as marijuana.

2 Comments on “November Campus Crime Watch

  1. can we get more information on this camera in the student health center? We only get a very vague description of something very odd and disconcerting.

    Also, it seems obvious from that map that we need some dps patrolling 35th street. This is essentially a highway for students bt west georgetown and a lot of burleith, and it seems like it gets targeted a lot. I am also certain that i am not the first person to suggest this.

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