Vehicle collides with cyclist at 31st and M Streets

4167094787_09503fcc93The scene at the accident

Several blogs are reporting that on Monday night, a taxi cab struck a cyclist at the intersection of 31st and M Streets in Georgetown, badly injuring the cyclist. WashCycle has an account from someone who came across the aftermath of the accident, when the cyclist was being loaded into an ambulance on a backboard. The latecomer said he or she spoke to an eyewitness who the police had interviewed about the crash:

[The eyewitness said it] was a head on collision between 6:00 and 6:15 tonight. It was well after sundown and dark. Cyclist was eastbound on M Street in the eastbound lanes. Cab was pointed westbound in the eastbound lanes.

Grill was broken in, windshield shattered, hood dented and roof dented. Bike was on the cab’s passenger side pointing west. Witness told me the cab had come to a stop before impact so where the cab was stopped was where the impact was. Witness couldn’t say for sure if cyclist had green, red or yellow light.

The Metropolitan Police Department confirmed for Vox last night that an accident took place at 31st and M, but per their policy, could not give out any information about the accident over the phone.

Via Georgetown Metropolitan

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