Restaurant (trying) to open in former Nathan’s location


A week ago, Carol Joynt, who owned Nathan’s on Wisconsin Ave. and M Street before it closed this past July, wrote on her blog that she’s heard that a restaurant is moving into the Nathan’s space—and trying to illegally assume use of her liquor license in the process.

“You might think that can’t happen in our communal village but unfortunately it can, with many underhanded assists, especially from folks downtown,” she wrote. “My rights have been getting stomped on like the grapes in a barrel after harvest.”

Since then, attempts to transfer the license that were before the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board have been stopped.

The real mystery is, what’s moving into to the location? Georgetown Metropolitan has heard that it’s “a steak frites place run by Tom Gregg, president of the Alexandria-based Cuisine Solutions.” A BGR The Burger Joint is another possibility.

Neighborhood leaders who are involved in the process are keeping mum on the potential restaurateur, and neither rumored buyer has denied or confirmed that they are moving in, but Vox will keep you posted as it learns more.

Photo from Carol Joynt’s Blog

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