Snow Survival Guide: Who’s Delivering in Georgetown

Blizzards can be hard on your stomach. Vittles is out of the good sandwiches, and some restaurants won’t deliver.

Fortunately, the following restaurants are committed to making sure Georgetown students don’t go Donner Party:

  • Philly Pizza (202-333-0100)-Drunk food becomes sober food when it’s snowing.
  • Bangkok Bistro (202-337-2424)-A poor substitute for Vox favorite Basil Thai, but if you’re hankering for Pad Thai this’ll have to do.
  • Ledo’s Pizza (202-342-0091)-Square pizza lovers rejoice!
  • Pizza Movers and Calzones (202-333-9199) –   Calzones-Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Photo from Flickr user ZiggyFresh

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