Best of Vatican Assassins’ Georgetown conspiracy theories from 2009


It all adds up!

Who knew that Georgetown’s administrators, professors, and graduates had so much power and influence?

Vox has been following VaticanAssassins.Org, a Jesuit conspiracy theory website, with great amusement for a while now. The website’s editor, Eric John Phelps, is a noted “black pope” conspiracy theorist who holds that a cabal of diabolical American Jesuits control U.S. foreign policy at the direction of Jesuits in Rome—including Jesuits at Georgetown.

So to finish out the year, here are the site’s Top 10 Conspiracy Theories about Georgetown from 2009.

(10) The Georgetown Jesuit Edmund A. Walsh established Columbus Day in 1934, and the Knights of Columbus, Freemasons, and Skull and Bonesmen then began to control the United States.

(9)  The Council of Foreign Relations is ruled by Jesuit influence and Georgetown University affiliations.

(8)  President John DeGioia and Professor John Gannon create Department of Homeland (“Romeland”) Security

(7)  “911 Demolition” carried out by Georgetown University Professor George Tenet and the CIA on the Archbishop of New York’s orders.

(6)  Georgetown Jesuit research fellow Thomas Reese promotes the Pope’s “alien, Roman Catholic, Latino/Mexican invasion.”

The top 5 stories after the jump…

(5)  Georgetown University Jesuits control D.C. Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Timothy Dolan controls Vide-President Joe Biden, and Joe Biden controls President Obama.

(4)  President Grant signed Washington D.C.’s legal incorporation in 1871 so the nation’s capital could be under the control of his “Jesuit masters” at Georgetown University.

(3)  SFS fellowship graduate General David Patraeus is the “Pope’s Fascist American Military Dictator.”

(2)  Jesuit “Military fortress” at Georgetown University responsible for War of 1812, future assassination of President of Obama.

(1)  Georgetown President John DeGioia is 9th in the chain of command of President Obama’s “White Papal Masters.”

14 Comments on “Best of Vatican Assassins’ Georgetown conspiracy theories from 2009

  1. Shit! They’re on to us!

    Also, how the hell is the site so good looking? You’d think it would be on a single page in Comic Sans MS with animated gif icons, flashing HTML text and lots of bolded caps? Like, you know, this:

  2. Why doesn’t Vox setup a debate or at least a two-way conversation between a Georgetown Jesuit superior and Mr. Phelps to disprove all those “crazy theories?”

  3. Hey–more visitors to Eric’s site! Way I see it! LOL

  4. Dude gives Georgetown *way* too much credit. How the hell are we supposed to be capable of a world-dominating conspiracy, but we can’t get our basketball team into the Tournament?

  5. Oh shit. First they found the pool of gold coins hidden in the Jes Res, and now this…

    …Only the secret Jesuit missile silo cleverly disguised as a derelict observatory will save us now.

  6. @james: to be fair, we made it to the final four in 2007. were you there? it was a great time. our 2007 team was actually listed by espn as one of the five best college bball teams of the decade. now, let’s see if we can redeem last year’s humiliation this year …

  7. “Wuerl is dc’s archbishop… dolan is that of NY”

    As they say, never let facts get in the way of old fashioned anti-Catholic paranoia.

  8. I have been following this guy’s work for some time. I think some people just have a hard time accepting that the world is screwed up because people do selfish things. It’s much easier to blame someone.

    Still, it is scary because I know people who DO believe that the Jesuits are responsible for everything… It’s just one big hodge-podge of conspiracy theory that includes everything from Islamic extremism to Zionists, from the Latter Day Saints to Dianetics…. the Jesuits are even responsible for migrant labor and the “satanic’ belief in a heliocentric solar system.

  9. What is scary is that you people study where you do, and don’t seem to have the faintest idea as to where you actually are.

    Seriously, anyone who tries to deny the facts about how much horror the jesuits have caused the last hundred years must be seriously impaired. Or in that famous waking state of sleep.

    Edmond Paris was a historian who wrote about the jesuit order, he used the concept “brainwashed brainwasher” about the high level jesuits of his time.

    That obviously still applies.

    You can have my real name and e-mail address any time. I’m not afraid of you bastards even though I know I should be.
    You are one spooky sect.

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