2010 will be a big year for new and reopening Georgetown establishments

lobbyPlans for the interior of the renovated Georgetown Library

Georgetown Metropolitan has a writeup of all the new and returning restaurants, businesses, and attractions that we can expect to open in Georgetown in 2010. The post, inexplicably entitled “2010: The Year That Will Be,” lists the following as establishments that will open this year:

  • Safeway – 1855 Wisconsin Ave – May 2010 – Originally slated to open in March, Social Safeway is supposed to make its grand, green reopening in May. And this one will have gelato, a sushi bar, and a Jamba Juice!
  • Apple Store – 1229 Wisconsin Ave – May 2010 – After months of doing battle with the Advisory Neighborhood Commission and the Old Georgetown Board, who together rejected four drafts for an Apple Store on Wisconsin Avenue, an Apple Store was approved to build in March. So far, builders have demolished the French Connection building that formerly stood there.
  • Ristorante Piccolo – 1068 31st Street – 2010 – This cozy date spot was ravaged by a fire in October 2008. Armed with plans for new rooftop seating, Ristorante Piccolo is supposed to open any day now.

Georgetown Metropolitan also lists a number of spots which may or may not see change in the coming year. Something may open up in the old Nathan’s restaurant location, possibly a steak frites place and the old Georgetown Theater property is for sale. And Pottery Barn is closing its Georgetown Store, he reports.

The Washington Business Journal has also reported that a new cafe will open in what used to be a gallery space at 1639 Wisconsin Avenue.

Photo from DCLibrary.Org

5 Comments on “2010 will be a big year for new and reopening Georgetown establishments

  1. Ha. I guess that title could be confusing. It was a joke on the expression “the year that was.” Can’t win them all, I suppose.

    Speaking of upper Wisconsin cafes, that Cafe Puro place should finally be open soon too.

  2. The new Georgetown Safeway will have many wonderful features, including a fireplace at the in-store Starbucks and a wine cellar. But unfortunately, it will not have a Jamba Juice bar as originally planned.

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  4. Firstly let me say I’ve been a longtime fan, but this is my first comment. I figured I should probably thank you for writing this piece (and all your others), and I will return!

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