American Eagle Outfitters in Georgetown closed

Georgetown now has one less place to shop. American Eagle has decided to close its doors, according to We Love DC.

We Love DC notes that while stores are always coming and going in Georgetown, several stores have left Georgetown recently in the weak economic atmosphere and few have opened. Although it’s common to find students sporting the brand on campus, shoppers who flock to Georgetown on the weekends evidently do not create enough traffic to save the store from going under.

But take heart, prepsters. Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap, and Vineyard Vines still remain in the area.

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3 Comments on “American Eagle Outfitters in Georgetown closed

  1. Fantastic. Preppy or not, American Eagle was one of the more affordable clothing stores in Georgetown. You won’t catch me wearing whales and salmon-colored shorts!

  2. I’m actually more surprised that American Eagle left Georgetown and not Abercrombie! American Eagle stores had much better value (and almost the exact same quality) and always seemed to have more sales and more customers than A&F. A&F have been losing money every quarter and already decided to close their other brand so I’m surprised. AE was better value and more affordable and i wont be surprised to see A&F pull out – they never have sales as good as the other stores (and in fact they never carry the sales stock you get at A&F Pentagon so I never shop there and go to Pentagon instead for sales! No wonder A&F are being forced to lower their prices!

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