D.C. Council measure may allow Circulator to extend route to Rosslyn

The D.C. City Council is considering a bill that would allow the Circulator—the frequent, clean, and inexpensive buses that link multiple core areas of the city—to run outside of the District. That measure’s approval, writes the Washington Post‘s Dr. Gridlock, would mean that a new Circulator route running through Georgetown may take over the route that is now covered by the Georgetown Blue Buses, which ends at Rosslyn Metro Station.

At the same time, D.C. City Councilmember Kwame Brown is pressing his fellow councilmembers to approve a measure to extend the Circulator into Anacostia. He is not having much luck with his amendment but has vowed to keep trying.

Via Georgetown Metropolitan.

Photo from Flickr user afagen used under a Creative Commons license.

3 Comments on “D.C. Council measure may allow Circulator to extend route to Rosslyn

  1. As someone who lives right by a Circulator stop, my life would be so much easier/better if the Wisconsin line got extended to Rosslyn. Too bad it would happen about 3 months before I graduate . .

  2. The new line would replace the current remaining Blue Bus route, which travels from Rosslyn to Dupont Circle via M St.

    Hopefully they would allow the Circulator to terminate at a location closer to the actual Dupont Metro stop. The Blue Bus picks up blocks away down by the Huerich Mansion. It would be great if the Circulator would pick up at P and 20th.

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