December Campus Crime Watch

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With students clearing out from campus before the month was over, December saw little crime. Only 14 crimes were reported all month, versus 52 in October and 28 in November, and there were no crimes reported after December 17. Here’s a breakdown of what was in the Department of Public Safety’s Daily Crime Log:

  • There were four thefts at Georgetown in December. A wallet was stolen from a locker in Leo’s, a laptop was taken from Lauinger Library, a scarf was stolen from an office in Gervase, and a wallet was taken from a purse in the Hospital. In none of these cases were there any witnesses or suspects.
  • Despite being a calm month, December did see one more serious crime, a case of simple assault at Lauinger Library. On December 8, at 2:50 p.m., a victim was hit in the chest several times by an unknown man, who fled the scene before he could be identified. Public Safety Department Associate Director Joseph Smith has not responded to requests for details about a description of the suspect, but we will let you know once he does.
  • Two instances of destruction of property took place last month. On December 10, graffiti was discovered in Henle. (Again, we will let you know if Smith comments on the nature of the graffiti). In the other case, a car window was smashed in in the Southwest Quad parking garage.
  • Two drug violations occurred in December. In both cases, DPS found marijuana in Harbin Hall. The log doesn’t indicate whether any students were present when the drugs were found, but if they are anything like their famous Harbin predecessor, they didn’t inhale.
  • Two instances of “lewd, indecent, or obscene acts”—that is, men publicly urinating—showed up in the December log, one in Village A and one in Alumni Square.
  • There was one case of fraud, in which someone seems to have used a book store gift card that wasn’t theirs, and one case of unlawful entry, in which a woman loitering in Dahlgren Chapel was barred from campus.

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