Georgetown women’s basketball scuffles with Louisville team before game

The Hoyas beat Louisville 60-56 in McDonough this Saturday, but the day may not turn out to be a total victory—about an hour before the women’s basketball game against Louisville, Georgetown’s players got involved in a scuffle with Louisville’s. Now, the incident is being reviewed by both schools and the Big East conference.

The Washington Post reports that during warmups, as Louisville’s team was running laps, a Georgetown player allegedly stuck her foot out to trip one of their players.

“Words were exchanged and soon several players from both teams were throwing punches,” the Post‘s Kathy Orton writes, before the teams could be separated.

No technical fouls were assessed because the incident took place more than 15 minutes before tip-off, when referees didn’t have jurisdiction over the event. The Post said that neither coach will comment on the melee and Georgetown will not let its players talk about it.

Photo by Hilary Nakasone

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