Saxaspeak relaunches under The Hoya

Saxaspeak, Vox‘s old blogging buddy, is back. This time, though, it’s called, Saxaspeak: The Talk of the Hilltop, and it’s run by the Hoya.

The old Saxaspeak collapsed shortly after it became a mere repository of Georgetown Google Alerts. Will this Saxaspeak suffer the same fate? Editor-in-Chief Marissa Amendolia and Online Editor Meghan Bartels say no, in a blog post:

Saxaspeak will provide more regular and, occasionally, more casual coverage of the events and trends that affect Georgetown students….it will augment our customary high-quality and in-depth coverage with shorter, more frequent pieces to keep up with the pace of life at Georgetown. The blog is also designed to simplify the search for information by collecting relevant news links in one place.

Bartels told Vox that The Hoya chose the Saxaspeak name because they thought it was suitable, and because of name recognition among older students.

Although Bartels is currently the only blogger on the Hoya‘s Saxaspeak staff, she said she expects to create her own blogging staff separate from the paper soon.

3 Comments on “Saxaspeak relaunches under The Hoya

  1. Hi Meghan,
    Will surely meant that you told him that you are the only blogger for Saxaspeak. I’ve made the correction.

  2. Already a bit sensitive it seems. This could get rowdy.

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