Neighbors brainstorm some interesting locations for the Georgetown Hospital

Wingardium leviosa!

The impending scuffle over the 2010 Campus Plan has the residents of Georgetown chatting about how to keep the University from creeping into their neighborhood. Last week, local leader Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88) announced over the georgetowforum listserv that she had sent President John DeGioia a letter outlining their concerns with the 2010 Campus Plan.

More recently, a man who identified himself as a graduate of the Georgetown Medical School kicked off a curious debate about the prospect of moving the Medical School. Vox was pretty surprised at some of the suggestions neighbors made in response to the his e-mail, particularly those from a resident who we’ll identify by his initials, “RR”:

[RR]: “if the University moved the Medical School next to the Law School and the owner of the hospital moved it to North Capitol next to Gonzaga College HS, we wouldn’t have these growth problems into the neighborhoods and campus housing would be on site.”

Someone else told him that moving the Medical School probably wasn’t an option because of its location next to the Hospital, (“[t]he facility needs to be conjoined with the Med school for the purpose of clinical activities,” he wrote), but RR was undaunted:

“Then, how about moving it ALL to North Capitol St. to the site of where Sibley Hospital use to stand(next to Gonzaga) before it relocated to the ‘burbs?'”

“I think we need to be realistic in our approach,” another resident responded. “When dealing with the university we should be constructive. Additionally,  Moving these two wonderful resources only hurts us as a community.”

Said RR:

“Ok.  Here’s more realism:  The convent at Visitation currently has15 or so residents.  Soon the space will be too large to maintain.  The University could purchase the facility for expansion.  What’s not realistic is for the neighborhood to be steam rolled by the University for whatever it desires.”

Now, Vox knows that some of the concerns that neighbors have about the University are legitimate—noise, trash, public urination, etc. But thinking that dislodging an enormous chunk of our academic facilities and moving them across town is within the realm of Georgetown’s capabilities? Someone needs a reality check.

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12 Comments on “Neighbors brainstorm some interesting locations for the Georgetown Hospital

  1. So the nuns can just be displaced, no big problem? Self-absorption is blinding.

  2. malarkey of the highest degree from the neighborhood snobs. why don’t we just knock down healy and put the med center there?

    i dont understand why the university even considers what they have to say when they emit such unreasoned stupidity.

  3. Agreed with Typical. Let’s remember that the neighbhors are guests in what has been our neighborhood for over 200 years. And where will Georgetown raise the funds to move its massive medical center? I think most were willing to compromise with the townies, but it’s going too far. Perhaps they should simply move if they don’t like the area into which they chose to move. As it is, Georgetown University isn’t moving. And it’s a shame Jennifer Altemus is a Hoya. We could have done without.

  4. I just want to know: where, exactly, is there space to put the Medical School next to the Law Center? Even if you accepted the idea that it could be separate from the hospital, there is not exactly *anywhere* next to the Law Center that’s not occupied, unless you wanted to put it in the middle of 395. Clearly this neighbor has never even seen the Law Center, which is totally shocking! I bet he never ventures across Wisconsin.

  5. No, no, that won’t work at all. It’s “wingardium levio-SA”!

  6. Could they gut the main hospital and turn it into an arena? The residents would love that.

  7. Can’t we just move Georgetown University to the National Mall? There’s empty space, it’s being underutilized and it would solve all our problems. We could also launch Philly P into space. While we’re at it, can’t we move the residents of Anacostia to another area? Like Africa? That’s where they’re from, right?


  8. Does anyone have contact information for Jennifer Altemus? I’d love to personally give her a piece of my mind. She is a disgrace to her alma mater.

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  10. It’s levi-O-sa, not levio-SA… Are you sure your name isn’t Ronald Weasley?

  11. Just some facts. I hope you can retain facts in your little drunk heads…

    Georgetown University received its University Charter in 1815. However the school started earlier than that, in 1791.

    Georgetown itself was incorporated in 1751. However it was already a settlement in 1632 and various businesses were operating and thriving in 1745.

    So, if the math is not too complex, the university came here much after Georgetown was settled and incorporated. Don’t worry, we are still happy to have you here. Just behave yourself and don’t let your parents know what a waste of money you are for them. Not all of you, of course, just some…

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