Another Georgetown business, Commander Salamander, is closing

One more Georgetown fixture will soon be packing up its bags to leave Wisconsin Avenue. Commander Salamander, a clothing and accessories store on Wisconsin Avenue, will be closing by the end of the month without plans to move to another location, according to store management.

Commander Salamander joins 47 52 other businesses that will have either closed or moved to a different location within the last year, according to a report compiled by Georgetown Metropolitan. While most of the 2009 business closings were smaller independent stores, established brands and businesses like American Eagle and Nathan’s shut down, too. On a brighter note, 22 stores also opened (or relocated) in 2009, among them Gore and Dean, Georgetown Cupcake, and Diesel.

Judging from the three stores on Commander Salamander’s block of Wisconsin Avenue that are currently sporting “Going out of business” signs in their windows, which besides Commander Salamander include Milano and Hardware, 2010 does not look too promising for Georgetown businesses.


17 Comments on “Another Georgetown business, Commander Salamander, is closing

  1. As I recall, the 47 number doesn’t include the moves.

    Also, I’ll believe that Hardware and Milano are closing when the stores empty, the names change, and different people work there. Until then I’ll just note that they seem to be “go out of business” every year…

  2. Haha touchee re: Milano and Hardware.
    I’ve corrected the post so that number reflects both types of businesses.

  3. I will genuinely miss a store that stuck it to the irritating yuppie/preppie set that Georgetown typically caters to. D.C. needs more quirky clothing stores as this one. I remember when they used to be in Columbia Heights…first time shopping there was back in ’91…


  4. Sonny’s Surplus first. Commander Salamander to add your finish. Taps.

  5. And other end to something ,that many people enjoyed whether u were a yuppie,golfer,goth,punk,ska,ever one went there ,but it was the people who dared to be different thru the 80s .A time when the movie valley girl was hip and disco was dead another era in time.Once again its time to realize c.s Took in all walks of life to the store not to judge oneanother but a stoppping ground for people who just wanted to be differnt when times were differnt , Can u relate now?? Dj Ewok

  6. Pity. I remember when I moved to DC, CS was one of the few places in town that let me escape the varying shades of gray that the rest of this mausoleum of a city consisted of.

    Sorry to see them go.

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  10. My older siblings took me there when I was 5 years old. I went back a few years ago and bought my wife a bracelet. A shame I didn’t get to say a proper good bye. But then I suspect Georgetown lost its Punk underground quite a few years ago. I wonder where they are now.

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  13. practically grew up in Georgetown and always loved going to Commander Salamander. Sad that it’s gone.

    You know what I really miss? The Red Balloon! That was the cutest little boutique for kids.

  14. you cant be closing i live in florida and i love this store

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  16. I was literally devastated when a friend informed me of the \End\ of Commander Salamanders. I can’t even count the number of times my friends and I frequented the store. It’s unique, punkish array of clothing, jewelry and more was one of a kind. Heartbreaking…………. absolutely heartbreaking.

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